Tuesday, July 1, 2014

He stepped out from the land the stories of which he knew and into the land the stories of which he had only heard. He placed his hand in the stream and passed his hand over the rocks smooth and molded. Somewhere here __write some piece of southwest history that displays courage under fire__. What the land knew of human courage, of cowardice. What the land knew of man that he didn't know, what is it saw in him that he didn't see. A shiver resonated through him. He felt as if at the mercy of a stronger being, as if there were a will for him to navigate, as if being observed by a familiar and powerful thing. The feeling lasted for a minute and then left him,

He found Richard asleep by the fire. He poured the water from container to container until there was no soot to settle at the bottom and placed it over the dying fire to boil. He watched Richard. His strong jaw, his honest eyes. He wondered if there were anything within him he didn't know.