Saturday, March 6, 2010

Colorado you are too easy

Colorado you are too easy. The sign in the driveway that leads to a large unfinished building said no trespassers. But if I ventured in, if I trespassed on your pavement you would not begrudge me it. You wouldn't make a fuss if I interrupted your pristine snow. My foot steps in the snow that lays so comfortably across your vacant lots tell your security guard exactly what they are. Another restless traveler seeing how far his will can take him, he must think. He would not try to sniff me out. My freedom unabated in this easy place. Like being able to pass my hand along any part of a girl's body that I please because she loves me. My boyish desires and my demands and all my deviances. Appeased here on your land like on a girl's skin like my mother's love like the Earth abused and depleted in my greed. Colorado you are too easy.