Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Young men are taken in before their final act of betrayal, not afterword. You can fantasize about rehabilitating a traitor all you want. You can take him on a walk on a deserted beach, and instead of placing a bullet in his brain, you may think to place this thought: one day you will ask yourself if you’ve lived your life honorably. Your answer to this question will be more important than you understand right now. You will ask it of yourself, and because of what you have done to me, you will not be able to answer honestly. Therefore I sentence you to a life of self hate. This your final punishment. Now go and never betray me again. But because the boy is forever a traitor, he can only offend you again, you see. You leave him no choice in the matter. He can never be an honorable person again and he will betray you out of bitter jealousy of your unwavering integrity. It is cliche and heart breaking, but every subversive boy must die.