Sunday, October 6, 2013

Outline of scene where Joe meets the gypsies

-Joe and Richard pick up the man with green eyes in the paddock of the dogs
[He's a prince all right, papa's protecting the dog, the man hiding his face in the dust from the dog's licking]

-Joe and Richard come upon two of the men in the woods
[They hide from the men, the men pick poisonous mushrooms, one of the men lazy eyed]

-Joe comes upon the group crowded around the fire
[The two men carry the dear carcass, the girls go into one of the wagons where the actress greets them, the man with green eyes' family crowd around him]

-Joe hangs up the deer and butchers it
[He puts the hind parts to smoke, he hands the hide over it, he asks for salt to preserve other parts, he puts the organs in a pan to fry with some of the fat from strip of fat beside the tender loin]

-They eat around the fire
[The two clowns off in the dark corner smoking, fat one smiling etc {fat one eats, older one doesn't}, joe sits next to the actress {vibes} and feeds her and her younger sisters the organs, the man with green eye's family crowded around him, he on the floor moaning beside them]

-The surgery
[Joe sets Richard to sharpening the knife, he tells the actress to start a deep pan of water to boil, he asks for needle and thread, cross on the wounds, suturing his cheek etc]

-Sleeps with the actress
[Holds her from behind, she corrupts him with her tongue etc, man growns all night, Joe gets up before day break, meets clown to watches the man and says the man will die before sunrise and that when the people find him they will kill him, something about confidence of the young etc]