Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Let's split the night between the two of us
If the silence begs a whisper, reap the silence for a dream

The girl has dangerous eyes. Green and ready
To be fought for - where does her confidence come from

Just before night there is the hour when the sky
Remains illuminated by a sun already set

Makes you wonder if the night doesn't creep up from the streets
And the sunset isn't a reflection in a puddle of gasoline

In an hour like this she stood in front of me and said
I brought some wine, let's split it between the two of us

In the way she said wine all the romantic essence of wine
And the look in her eyes, I didn't have to feel lucky

Not to have fought over her, though threatening
That I might have to

I closed my eyes and wished she wasn't there
But she was, and talking in that dangerous way

Like she herself born of the negative space left behind by day
Like herself a dream to fill the silence